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it’s been a while.

tumblr. Y U SO SEXY

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Listening to Tupac makes studying math 10x more tolerable.

me gusta. me gusta ALOT.

I should really sleep now

But I’m having a shoegasm with my friend and it’s beautiful.

Posted in my primo’s garage. Tía’s fuuuuckin up!! Hahaha

Anonymous asked: 4, 11, 17, 18, 32

4: I take it and try to learn from it. If I happen to strongly disagree I’ll get a second opinion on the issue to see what’s up. Either way, I learn something. That’s what matters :p

11: oh shit… um.. [scans list of fictional characters I love]

Lord Henry Wotton! From The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde :D
I loved his character in the novel; he always had some unique/outrageous/interesting point of view on life, easily one of my favorite characters :D

17: LOL freaking, they give me a millionandone things to do, right when I get home from school; I don’t even get like, 10 minutes to unwind, it’s like, the instant I step in the door, I get a list. THEN I get to do what I need to do for school, but by the time I try to get started with it I’m too tired, can’t focus, end up wasting most of my time dicking around on the internet and doing my school work at the last possible minute. yep. haha

18: Mulan. Reflection still brings me to tears when I watch the movie (yes, I still watch it. Get it VHS!). I really don’t feel like I can really be myself when I’m around my family; I’ve whined about it here before haha. We don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, which is a given, but they don’t respect my views, which isn’t ok. Most of my alone-in-a-room-full-of-people situations happen with them. I love them to death, but I can’t be honest with any of them, with anything. I did, once, and was branded a disappointment, straight up. I brushed it off and kept doing my thing, new knowledge in mind, I learned to keep the poker face on, but that kind of shit sticks with you. (Does that even work for the question? Maybe. lol)
Fave princess: Pocahontas. Badass! Beautiful! My hair was like hers until I cut it and it decided to take off in all directions, now it’s forever in a bun because I don’t feel like dealing with it xD plus, Colors of the Wind. Accept and respect others and their differences. The whole “savage” thing strikes a chord, too; get it cultural anthro!

32: A piece of glass. lol

Spent the first portion of my night playing Left 4 Dead and MW3 with my nephew :D
is it bad that he kicks my ass at both?

but I must say, staying in (for a change) felt good. Some space that I needed.


i loveeeeee this movie more than anything!!!

From scratch (x

The Art Laboe Connection. me gusta.




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Sharpening the shit out of a candy cane

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oh my god who ever put this together is amazing!

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sparked one with sister. Set off fire alarm.

So my mom is watching GaGa perform Born This Way..

she keeps rewinding it and playing it at separate parts, I guess she’s trying to figure out the lyrics? She looks disgusted and appalled, and gave me a mean-ass “This is the shit you listen to?” face when I walked by. She’ll never understand LOL